Unique Success Story

In the world of fashion retailing, the landscape is littered with good ideas gone awry. This year's "Can't miss' frequently becomes next year's has...

Hawaiian Print Textiles-a Brief History

Hawaiian Print Textiles-a Brief History
Learn the history of Hawaiian prints here.

Aloha Friday

The history of Aloha Friday from its beginnings to the present day


The Collectible Clothing Market

  The market for collectible or "vintage" clothing is born of a quixotic sort of persuit that is attracts a variety of followers. After all, just w...

Early Beginnings

The Kamehameha Garment Company founded the Hawaiian apparel industry in 1936, when Herb Briner launched the firm. It was always an industry leader,...

The History of Surfing

A brief outline of the history of "the sport of kings" as surfing was known from it's early days in Hawaii, when a man's prowess on a board was indicative of his social status.

Kamehameha I, Uniter of the Hawaiian Islands

Kamehameha I unites the Hawaiian Islands under his rule in 1795. A brief history of how he came to do so.

Waikiki Beach-Worldwide Tourist Mecca

The story of Waikiki Beach's rise to preeminence as a tourist destination.

The History of Aloha Wear

From loin cloths and grass skirts to aloha shirts and Mu'u Mu'us, a brief history of that segment of the clothing market known as "aloha wear".


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