Early Beginnings

The Kamehameha Garment Company founded the Hawaiian apparel industry in 1936, when Herb Briner launched the firm. It was always an industry leader,...

The History of Surfing

A brief outline of the history of "the sport of kings" as surfing was known from it's early days in Hawaii, when a man's prowess on a board was indicative of his social status.

Kamehameha I, Uniter of the Hawaiian Islands

Kamehameha I unites the Hawaiian Islands under his rule in 1795. A brief history of how he came to do so.

Waikiki Beach-Worldwide Tourist Mecca

The story of Waikiki Beach's rise to preeminence as a tourist destination.

The History of Aloha Wear

From loin cloths and grass skirts to aloha shirts and Mu'u Mu'us, a brief history of that segment of the clothing market known as "aloha wear".


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